True value is tangible. So is every NFT that we drop.


What is an "NFT"? An NFT is a "Non-Fungible Token," but that doesn't explain the hype, value, or popularity of NFTs. NFTs function as certificates of ownership. Just as anything that is collectible can have value and be bought or sold, NFTs can also be anything, but the popularity and value is tied to cryptocurrency.

Imagine buying something that is collectible, but also rare. Now imagine that collectible is digital. You need something to show that you actually purchased it and own it. This is why blockchain technology is necessary. However, since the blockchain technology is also cryptocurrency, the ability to trade (buy and sell) is easily facilitated. So, an NFT is best understood as a digital certificate of ownership that has value.


The current world of NFTs is headed for an inevitable clash with reality. Most NFTs are currently minted and traded on the Ethereum blockchain. With that comes the increasing costs of "gas," which rises with the volatility of the Ethereum market along with the impact of economic inflation on the people that mine Ethereum tokens. For example, would you be willing to pay 200%+ tax on anything that you buy? Of course not. But, that is the reality of paying "gas" for Ethereum transactions. The "gas" is the cost for making any transaction of any amount on the Ethereum blockchain. So, what happens if you have an NFT or want to sell an NFT for $100 but the gas is $700? You can see where the problem with using Ethereum for NFTs is inevitable. We call this the "NFT Bottleneck Problem."

Most NFTs are in the form of digital images and they don't have true tangible value. On top of the NFT Bottleneck Problem, the value of most, if not all, popular NFTs in circulation at the moment will be worthless or worth much less than the holders purchased them for. Outside of the metaverse, NFTs that are images have no use or tangible benefit beyond the base value of the cryptocurrency blockchain they were minted with. So, it's like a game of musical chairs. The latest holder of any NFT that is simply an image has a high probability of not having anything to sit on.


In order to avoid the inevitable problems with NFTs, there must be tangibility, the "NFT Bottleneck" issues must be avoided, and the ability for the NFT to generate money for a holder without the need to sell the NFT must be present. This is what the future requires.

In order to address and solve the problems, NFTStage™ takes the most reasonable approach possible. We utilize the MATIC blockchain instead of Ethereum in order to eliminate the "gas" issues. This makes it possible to sell any NFT or NFT collection that we host at any price, which broadens the audience appeal and maximizes revenue. We only allow NFTs that represent assets that have intrinsic and tangible value, which makes it possible for holders of NFTs to earn in ways they can't with NFTs via other platforms.

With NFTStage™, each collection has its own smart contract and is created without unnecessary third parties, which maximizes revenue on initial sales and any subsequent sales that occur in the future.



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